Friday, January 28, 2005

Hikaru's Open House

Today (January 28, 2005) was open house for Hikaru's school. This means that parents are invited to come to school and observe their children's education first hand. Here are some photos that resulted.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Noah rode on an airplane for the first time

I went to Shiga for a business errand yesterday (1/27) and took Noah with me as Yukari wasn't feeling so well (her heart had been acting up and she went to the hospital on 1/26 and they attached a heartbeat recorder device of some sort to her) and would be needing to go the hospital again on 1/27. So, at the last minute I decided it would be better to take Noah with me and changed my plans to use the trains/buses only (little cheaper but much longer total travel time) and shifted to a plane/train/bus plan of attack. We missed our first flight to Osaka and just barely got on another flight (last seat available). It turned out to be a small plane and we ended up sitting next to the propeller. I commented to Noah something like "Cool, we ended up in the most dangerous place in the plane." Of course, I don't know whether that is actually true or not, but it was good material for starting a conversation with the person sitting next to us.

Anyhow, Noah seemed to enjoy the flight and even slept for about 20 minutes toward the end of the flight. I thought he would be trying to run all over the plane, but he saved that option for the return flight at night. :) Also, Noah was kind enough to fall asleep for a well timed nap that continued for most of my meeting. By the time we got to Osaka Itami Airport, though, he was pretty wired and once we got on the plane he couldn't be restrained. However, this time it was a fairly large plan with lots of empty seats (I think it had just returned from an international flight so most people got off in Osaka). So, that helped a bit. All and all Noah was a good traveling companion and the day went much smoother than I anticipated. The complete journey started at 7 AM and ended up at about 10 PM, and went something like wake up -> home -> 40 minute car ride to Matsuyama Airport -> 1 hour flight to Osaka Itami Airport -> 30 shuttle bus to Shin-Osaka train station -> 1 hour train ride to Omihachiman -> 45 minute shuttle bus to Daifuku -> meeting -> 45 minute shuttle bus to Omihachiman -> 1 hour train ride to Shin-Osaka -> 30 shuttle bus to Osaka Itami Airport -> 1 hour flight to Matsuyama Airport -> 30 minute car ride to home -> take bath -> hit the hay.

Bear on the run OR a walk to the park

Here are some snapshots of Noah in his bear outfit on a walk from home to the neighborhood riverside park on January 26, 2005. (BTW, for those of you waiting for the Photo and Video section to be updated with photos and clips from August 2004 to December 2004, hold on a little more.)

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hey, Another Pooh Bear!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Happy New Year 2005